Friday, January 1, 2010

The haircut of Diane Keaton


I love the star of Hollywood, Diane Keaton, and logically also I love his style, that it seems not to have retired in much from that classic style Annie Hall. Diane Keaton is a woman who is about the 60, and she has found the chic style that far from seeming at his age, bored or sometimes too much for his age, identifies it and makes her seem marvelous.

Diane Keaton found in this cut, the ideal haircut and although many people will say that not to change of look, is more harmful that not at all, really missis Keaton demonstrates that the same cut, in his case, extremely favoring, can with a few small changes, to be different every so much. Already lightly notice in these images, the same cut, alaciado that waved per moments.

The wicks have changed tone according to the epoch, and the fact is that Diane does not go, woman of very much style, the same tone as insurance was taking his 40 and so many people, in that the big grace of his court resides, and his success, to have found the cut that was favoring him and to be modernizing it according to the time and his tendencies. Is not it marvelous in every period? Already per moments aside that in others with bangs, exquisite!

Who knows? perhaps you could find this style that favors you and that for nothing will turn in senile, but marvelous cut will go like this one, maturing and turning the same your personal stamp that the assertion of your good taste.


diane keaton4




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